Executive Director

Feminist Dalit Organization (FEDO) is one of the leading Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in Nepal, working since past 26 years for the empowerment of Dalit women through their social and economic transformation. It has been working to increase access to basic needs, education, health and sanitation, providing Dalit women with various economic opportunities, skill and leadership development trainings, among others to ultimately combat the existing caste-based and gender-based discriminations and violence. FEDO is doing this through activism, advocacy and policy engagement. It incorporates the issues of Dalit women and the entire Dalit community vowing for a just and equitable society. FEDO has a nationwide network and member based organization, having 56 district chapters in all seven provinces of Nepal. It has over 2154 women’s groups with about 53,850 Dalit women group members and 812 frontline women leaders united, organized and mobilized to fight against caste and gender-based discrimination at all levels. FEDO has a partnership with a number of donors, government agencies and development agencies and is committed to further expanding its funding base.

Key Responsibilities:

The Executive Director will be responsible for the organizational performance  (Proposal, budgeting, planning, HR, admin) and develop plans, programs and strategies to achieve mission, vision, and objectives. Formulates and implements organizational policies to strengthen different departments.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Masters Degree in management, social sciences (or equivalent) at least five years working experience in an I/NGOs managerial position.
  • Has strategic thinking and analytical skills
  • An effective team player with good networking facilitation and negotiating skills
  • Fluent in spoken and written Nepali and English
  • Good understanding of the socio-economic, legal, and political context of Nepal, Dalit Movement, current debates, and issues.
  • Project Cycle Management skills
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