Leadership Development and Participation

Leadership development of Dalit women is crucial to lead progressive shift in social norms and ignite a transformative change process in the society. To this end, social activism and political participation both are important. For achieving this, FEDO identifies, capacitates and mobilizes Dalit women as frontline leaders which provides them opportunities to reveal their own leadership potentials and exercise social activism in actions at local level. FEDO’s capacity building initiatives and facilitation for Dalit women’s engagement in political process and institutions will contribute to increase effective and quality participation of Dalit women leaders in decision making mechanisms. Networking of Dalit women leaders at different levels is to inspire them working together, and build a collective voice. The collective voice of Dalit women further lifts their ability to negotiate for Dalit and Dalit women responsive legal and policy reform and implementation. FEDO also convenes leaders’ conference and multi-level and multi-stakeholder dialogue platforms that provide opportunities to Dalit women leaders for communicating their collective vision and boost their confidence to lead. FEDO’s facilitation and engagement in electoral education and voter’s participation also complement to create a conductive environment for Dalit women leadership development in political front. FEDO puts young women, youth and adolescents at center of leadership development and inspire them to be champion of transformation process.