Inclusive Governance and Social Justice

Ensuring equitable access of all people irrespective of caste, class, gender and any other grounds, to basic services, resources and development opportunities is a key concern in governance at all levels. Therefore, FEDO interventions emphasizes inclusive governance and social justice. It acts and advocates for making the state institutions, policies, process and services accessible, accountable and responsive to most marginalized Dalit and Dalit women. Initiatives for evidence generation and production of disaggregated data will be key for setting agenda for inclusive policy. The engagement with policy makers and legislatures contributes to convert agenda to policy decisions. FEDO’s actions simultaneously aware people on their rights and entitlements, and prepare them for citizen’s duty. It will lead to increasing demand for the fair stake and meaningful participation in governance. FEDO also engages with government and build partnership for strengthening delivery capacity of service providers at local levels. Marginalized people’s participation and demand for social accountability of the service providers and development agencies. FEDO strategic advocacy and campaign for Dalit Responsive Budget will allow to address the gaps in implementation of GESI and social justice provisions enshrined in the constitution of Nepal.