Gender Responsive Humanitarian and Assistance

FEDO believes that disaster itself does not discriminate based on caste, gender, or any other grounds, but it can exacerbate pre-existing gender inequalities and might lead to increased discrimination, exploitation and violence against women. Therefore, FEDO advocates and promotes gender responsive humanitarian actions. It prepares its team and execute actions for ensuring women friendly disaster relief packages. Its facilitation enables Dalit and marginalized women to access disaster transfer schemes such as cash transfers which finally link them to disaster management systems. The monitoring initiatives minimize gender and caste biases in disaster response, relief and recovery services of concerned agencies. 

It also contributes to decrease discrimination and exploitation in disaster and pandemics to those already vulnerable due to their social and economic status. FEDO’s partnership approach with local government will complement gender and inclusion sensitive disaster policy and management at local levels. Its advocacy and actions draw attention of humanitarian actors and donors making them accountable to Dalit women and most vulnerable groups. These all will finally create a conducive environment to secure equitable access of Dalit women and vulnerable groups in humanitarian assistances and protection services promoting gender equality and building more resilience communities.