The Story of
Rekha Devi Sada

I Became a Citizen of My Country….!”

Rekha Devi Sada

I am Rekha Devi Sada. I live in Kanchanrup Municipality 4, Jhankatta in Saptari district. There are three of us in the family, my husband, son and myself. I am engaged in seasonal daily wages work at the village and sometimes near the market. Before the lockdown, my husband used to work as a construction worker in the cities like Kathmandu, Birtamod, Jhapa etc. and sometimes did seasonal fishing in Kkoshi Tappu and sold that fish at the local market.

After lockdown, my husband could not go outside the village for the labor works. During that time, we went through a challenging phase.  

My husband used to drink alcohol and beat me. I tried by best and even took help from the community to stop  abuse. He always promised to change his habit in front of the community but the abuse repeated again and again. 

I have been deprived from various opportunities and my own basic rights. I did not get my citizenship before marriage because I was underage.

FEDO listed me in their relief support list and provided three lots of relief supports, food and non-food items such as: rice, dal, chana, sugar, cooking oil, medicines, soaps, salts, detergents, Dettol, cotton, oral rehydration solutions (ORC) and re-usable sanitary pad, gas stove, gas cylinders and mobile phone with data cards.

These food and non-food items supported us from starving for a few days. The second wave of the pandemic again put us in a more vulnerable position. We remained out of work and had no food to eat. I really want to understand why God is being merciless and repeatedly testing us like this?

Having a citizenship was compulsory in order to open the bank account. With the support of FEDO, I finally was able to make my citizenship. I became a citizen of my country, which makes me very proud.  I want to express special thanks to FEDO for helping me become a citizen of this country and providing me three lots of relief support of food and non-food items. I am also very happy because I can even vote to choose a good leader because of the citizenship in upcoming days. I can utilize government services and benefits along with different kinds of allowances due to my citizenship.  

After receiving the citizenship, FEDO opened my own bank account. Now, I can save money in the bank if I will earn more.  FEDO has said that I am also eligible to receive a cash-based support from the organization. After receiving the money soon, I will invest it in my child’s education, health and nutrition. I also plan to save a certain amount of the money for future emergencies. I want to express my gratitude towards FEDO and humbly request for continue supports in upcoming days