The Story of
Heemkala Nepali

“Relief package deduced women violence”

Heemkala Nepali

At the beginning of the conversation, she said that she was able to survive with the relief package and it helped reduce violence against women. Ms. Heemakala Nepali 42, is a Dalit woman and lives in Ward No. 5 of Janakee Rural Municipality with her 3 grandchildren and 4 young son and daughter-in-law. She is landless woman and has a large family of eight. Her husband was contracted an unknown disease and died six years ago while crossing in a nearby river for home. Even in the past, her life was very difficult, but Covid-19 brought an unexpected perspective in her life. Her house is on the bank of the river, she is worried about what to eat inside the house during the rainy season, and when she is outside, she is worried about the river overflowing.

She is Dalit women. So, society has been discriminating her and her children in the early age. Still, she has been facing different behave from the other communities. Her young son works as a wage laborer in India. Due to Covid-19, her sons were also forced to return to Nepal. Her sons left their jobs in India and returned home. After returning from India, Lockdown had started in Nepal and stopped getting labor work in the villages. Somewhere, there is no work for wages, and the number of people who eat at home is so large that even remembering that time, it is shocking. The problem of earned for living, started quarreling between her son and daughter-in-law in his house and between herself. 

Due to homely problem, the daughters-in-law got angry and went to their mother’s house. I was also scolded by my sons. 


“At the same time, FEDO brought us relief packages for us a poor person. Gave everything for daily living. They got a chance to survive and the angry daughters-in-law returned home. The sons also stopped chatting at home. Which prevented domestic violence and helped to make a living in the beginning. “

There was a lot of smoke while cooking from the firewood. I had to stay out of the house because I couldn’t stand the smoke. There is no smoke in the house due to gas. The house is small, the sleeping food is the same, which is why the daughters-in-law used to quarrel with me from time to time. My grandchildren used to get cold and cough. This problem is also solved with the help of FEDO. The house has been kept clean and tidy. We poor people never even imagine opening a bank account and FEDO has fulfilled that desire.

Ms. Heemkala’s house has a small hut. The dream of building a big house is an unfulfilled dream, but she is thinking of making her son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren live separately. But for that, she has asked for help from FDEO. She has to build a house to survive the snake bite in the rainy season. She is interested to keep the goats using the financial support which will be receive in the future from FEDO. She wants to make a living by keeping some goats. For that, they want continuous help from FEDO. She expressed her gratitude towards FEDO and team.