The Story of
Bisna Dagaura

The relief package saved humanity

Bisna Dagaura

Ms. Bisna Dagaura Tharu lives with her two young daughters in Thapapur, Ward No. 5 of Lamki Chunha Municipality. She is a 39-year-old marginalized woman. Her husband died due to Malaria disease before three years ago. Community still treating her debt-ridden husband. She still owes Rs 500,000. Loan interest is rising day by day. Her daughters used to work and pay the interest of the loan. However, Covid-19 and its Lockdown have even creating problems to earn from daily wages and her family have been facing difficulties to survive and to pay the loan. 

Bisna could not go outside for daily wages work due to pandemic and lockdown and could not get a job. However, if she get job, she can earn only 300 rupees a day. But more than that, the interest of the lenders to pay the interest has disappeared on Bisna’s shoulders. Bisna had a hard time figuring out how to save her daughter and her life. In the beginning of the pandemic, she thought that she is going to die and the pandemic will kill her along with her hunger. At that time, All the energies of her life had cooled down.

Her brother-in-law and sister-in-law became more jealous when she received relief package from FEDO. She said that she has been facing the domestic violence time to time due to bad social phenomena. During the Covid-19 and lockdown, she invited her father to her house and feed him because there was problems of food in her mother’s house as well. 

She received relief packages such as: rice, pulses, salt, chana, sugar, oil, soap, medicine 3 times along with and gas cylinders, gas stove and mobile phone, vegetable seeds etc. She has been planning for kitchen garden.

She could not earn money during the Lockdown and her income was nothing. There is no land to cultivate. This support helped her and her family to survive. She said that she would not be alive today if that relief package were not available.

FEDO has opened a savings account with her name in the Agriculture Development Bank and she is walking with a check book in her hand. She has been feeling proud of all this. She also said, if she has cash at home, she don’t know when it’s over, but now she can save a little bit in the bank. She has a responsibility to repay the loan by forcing the amount. She can afford and took out a loan but she could not save her husband. Tears welled up in her eyes.

She has a plan to start a pig keeping business with the money received from FEDO. She showed to FEDO, her ongoing construction a pig hut, where two pigs was keep there. She was very happy with FEDO and requested to continue assistance for the pig keeping plan and hand to mouth problems.