Economic Empowerment

Economic Empowerment

Dalit women have greater access to and control over productive resources and opportunities and increased participation in descent paid works and entrepreneurship.

Economic empowerment is foundation for social and political empowerment. To lead it, FEDO provides social guidance, support capital generation, boost confidence and prepares conducive environment for Dalit women’s economic empowerment. FEDO stresses on Dalit women owned enterprises and promotes one family-one enterprise campaign. The pathway to Dalit women owned enterprises starts from social mobilization and financial literacy which at first builds social capital. The participation of women in saving-credit and cooperatives will increase their access to financial capital and credit required for business start-up. The skill development on desired and viable business will develop their confidence for running the enterprises as well as participation in employment/self-employment. The knowledge and skills to participate in market and business development will lead to sustainable running of the business. The campaign to reduce and redistribute unpaid work and care within families will also create enabling environment for Dalit women’s participation. FEDO encourages Dalit women to formal sector employment and intends to see as the role models. It imparts job hunting skills and disseminates information on job and employers to job seeker young Dalit women. It raises awareness for improving safety and dignity of Dalit women in informal sector employment. FEDO also advocates broader economic rights of Dalit women.

Key Interventions:

  1. Social mobilization and financial literacy
  2. Formation, mobilization and strengthening saving-credit groups and cooperative of Dalit and marginalized women
  3. Skill/vocational training (including non-traditional trades)
  4. Small business/micro enterprise start-up- farm/off-farm based (one family-one enterprise campaign)
  5. Market access expansion and business development support
  6. Facilitate for job hunting skills and access job information
  7. Campaign on equal pay for equal work, and unpaid work
  8. Advocacy for access to social protection and employment
  9. Support/advocacy for resilience HH to various shocks.

Key Success Indicators:

  • Dalit women accessing saving-credit group/cooperatives
  • Dalit women (18+ years) with vocational training
  • Dalit women’s annual income with own control
  • Employed/self-employed Dalit women
  • Dalit women owned micro/enterprises

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