“I am a single mother. I had to bear the responsibilities of my son and father-in law after the death of my husband. I married at a very young age, I only have a formal education up to grade four, due to which finding a job was very difficult for me. I could not give up so I had to find a job. I took a month’s tailoring training and started to work in a tailoring shop.”

“I was doing fine, people liked my work and I was earning just so that I could run my family. However, as my son was growing up, his needs for educational materials was also rising. Every year as he was going to the next class, it was difficult for me to pay his fees, buy him educational materials, and look after the needs of the households. I was in despair.”

“In 2014, I became the member of Bageshwori Dalit Women Group, which was organized by FEDO. I had heard a lot about FEDO and how it is helping Dalit women to be empowered. I am fortunate to have received training and support due to which I am able to start my own tailoring business. I am now able to earn double of what I used to. I am now able to take care of my son and family and fulfill his needs. In future, I want to expand my business and be able to provide jobs to women like me.”

I feel highly respected by my family and my community. FEDO helped me to develop my business skills and I will continue to inspire other Dalit women.”