“I am a member of Nepali Congress party and also of Intra-Party Dalit women’s Alliance. I joined Nepali Congress after I got involved with the group formed by FEDO. Being a member of the group, I learned the importance of being involved in politics to have our voice heard and assert our rights.”

“I belong from Badi community and Badi women are discriminated and one of the most frowned upon community for the occupation that we had to adhere. Although to some extent the situation for Badi women has changed, majority are still pushed towards prostitution. I want to change this condition for all the Badi women and help them live a dignified life, encourage children to attend school and gain formal education.”

For all of these I realized I had to be involved in politics and formed Intra-Party Dalit women’s Alliance- where I raise the issues of my community. I am extremely thankful to FEDO for supporting me and encouraging me. I am now fully dedicated to support Badi movement.”