Dulara Pasi, 40 years a Madeshi Dalit always remained busy within the household chores and was bounded by the various cultural ‘superstition’ taboos. She never had the opportunity to step outside her home. She was completely dependent on her husband for the expenditures of the family. Her husband is a bonded labor and her family suffered from extreme poverty, which in turn left them without any access to other opportunities. It was very difficult for them to even fulfill their basic needs of the family. Despite their willingness to improve their situation, they were unable to do anything.

As FEDO was forming groups and organizing Dalit women, she too came in contact and remained in the group with some hope for change. She participated in various sessions of leadership development and economic empowerment trainings. As we realized her situation and desperate need to come out of the trap of poverty, we encouraged her to participate in entrepreneurship development trainings particularly in goat rearing. We also distributed goats within the group and she was one of them to receive it. Learning rearing and caring for the goat has brought some relief to her family as she has started to earn by selling the goats. She along with other Dalit women have continued to learn different methods, procedure to take care of the goats. This has shown direct improvements in their lives.

Being in group has helped Dulara and other Dalit women to become aware on various issued related to caste and gender based discrimination, child rights, importance of health and sanitation as well as education. Women after having some source of income, they have started to send their children to school as well as are more aware on the aspects of maintaining good health and clean environment. Dulara, now is a confident woman and helps and encourages other women group to become economically active and spreads awareness on the importance of education and cleanliness.