Sita Sunar, 35, has gone through various struggles in her life.  Due to the poor economic condition of her family, she could not study more than primary level.  Her struggles continued even after getting married as her relationship with the husband did not go well. She used to get physical and mental torture by her husband on a regular basis.  It was hard for her to bring up her 2 children as the family income was very low. Her condition was such a venerable that it was hard for her to join hand and mouth.  All these hardships were bringing her self-esteem to the lower-level.

However, her life took a new turn when she along with her family migrated to the Bardgoriya rural municipality where she got the chance to participate in informal literate class. Right then during 2012, she had appointed the chairperson of the group formed by Feminist Dalit Organisation Kailali. With this, she got the opportunities to attend to various interactions, seminars, training and meetings and understood about human and women rights organised by FEDO and VDC.  Sunar who used to hesitate to introduce herself once has gained so much confidence that she become the coordinator of ward citizen forum for 5 years and involved in many social developmental works and supported the poor and marginalized Dalit community.

Recognising her contribution, FEDO appointed her as chairperson of  Phoolbari DWG under Combating discrimination for advancing human rights of Dalit women in Nepal project. During her tenure, she was able to get budget sanctioned for the road at her locality. Likewise,  Local budgets worth 50 thousand was allocated for gravelling and 200 toilet-pans to were distributed to poor and marginalized. She is also a member of Bardgoriya ward number 1,2 level CAG, Jai Mahalaxmi Cooperative and school management committee. She has been involving in the mediation of Dalits and women dispute in CAG and also called by the local justice committee.

Now she has become a women activist in the community where she educates other women about civil, human and legal rights and supports them. She feels proud to be a part of FEDO which contributed her to become respected persons in the community.