Kusum Baigar was forced to leave her studies and to get married only at the age of fourteen. Despite discontinuing her studies in the middle, she was always determined to stand on her own feet and support her family financially. In this connection, she went to India with her husband to work as a laborer in a factory, however, her strong determination to have her own enterprise did not let her stay there for long.

Luckily, she managed to get the basic training on tailoring, riding on which she bought a tailoring machine and started small business of tailoring for her home. Meanwhile, she also took the advanced training on tailoring and gained confidence and desire for opening a tailoring shop in the market.

However, due to financial issues, her desire was yet to meet. In the meantime, she joined the Dalit Women Group formed by FEDO in her village and gradually become an active member of it. She took the loan from the seed money of the money to open her shop that now consists of clothes for sale and two new tailoring machines that she brought.

Kusum is setting an example to a lot of other women from her group. “During our meetings, I share my experience of running my business to other women and tell them how I am enjoying my financial independence.

Kusum not just is becoming financially independent but also has earned respect from her family and community. Today she earns as equal to her husband and is able to run her family fulfilling the earlier unmet needs. She has even thrown away the idea of going abroad for making a living. Being a part of FEDO and establishing this business has only got me into benefits- she claims.