The overall purpose of this project is to promote the access to justice of Dalit women in a sustainable and integrated way. The specific objectives of the project are: to empower Dalit women in a collective way for their access to justice and use of law; help to establish an integrated and sustainable approach of community legal services by the government for Dalit women through an evidence based advocacy and establish and demonstrate a model of financial sustainability of justice services of Dalit women. While implementing the project, FEDO adopted the three tire approach which include: a) capacity building and mobilization of community paralegals at the grass root level, b) collaboration and coordination with relevant government agencies and CSOs at the national and grass root level and c) evidence based advocacy at the national level. The project is implemented at Kalyan (now Lekhbesi municipality – ward # 6 and 7), Mehelkuna and Sahare (Gurbakot Munncipility – ward # 8 and 9) and Birendranagar Municipality – ward # 1 and 11 in Surkhet. Inaruwasira (Jeetpursimra Sub-metropolitan – ward # 19 and 20), Bahuban (Kalaiya Sub-metropolitan – ward # 14) and Uttarjitkaya Sub-metropolitan – ward # 16 and Kalaiya Sub-metropolitan ward # 4 and 25 in Bara.