In Nepal, the COVID-19 and monsoon floods have exacerbated the already existing vulnerabilities among the Dalit and marginalized communities.

Till now, FEDO has reached out to 16 districts of Nepal and helped 6000+ households of Dalit, poor and marginalized families through relief distribution with the help of many supporting partners.

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FEDO was one of the first Dalit women national organization to begin working in Nepal since 1994. At first, it worked to address the basic needs of Dalit women by directly implementing non-formal education program, awareness raising activities, and formation and mobilization of saving and credit groups from Dalit women . It works at both the national and district level to improve access to resources, social justice, and equity for women belonging to Dalit community.

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7 Provinces Covered

2154 Women’s Group

53850 Group Members

6602 Elected Dalit Women Leaders

Our Intervention Areas

In the movement against caste and gender based discrimination and in striving towards a just and equitable society FEDO plans to work with six key priority program areas of intervention.

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