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Kathmandu, August 9, Second day movement of second stage was preceded with the leadership of Dalit women where the demand of Dalits enlist the Guarantee of Proportional representation of Dalit Community in legislative bodies in National, Regional and local level i.e. 3%, 5%, 10% respectively, as well as fulfillment of 9 points demand.

The huge mass rally which was held on Kathmandu where the leadership was headed by Human Rights Activist, Durga Sob. In the rally, there was the participation Dalit CA member, civil society leaders, Human Rights Activists, artists, journalist and thousands of people. After the rally, the attention was drawn towards political parties and the senior leaders by Dalit as well as Dalit Women Rights Activists in the Mass meeting to address the issues and agendas of Dalit women in New Constitution.

She said that Dalit men are not prone to Gender discrimination, rather Dalit women are. Non- Dalit women are not facing caste based discrimination, rather Dalit women are. Ms. Sob also stated that within women, Dalit women are discriminated socially, economically and politically for which the special provision needs to be addressed strongly in the new constitution.

She demanded Constituent Assembly and senior leaders to ensure the proportional representation of Dalit women within 33% of Women and 50% representation of Dalit women within Dalits.

By addressing the Assembly, UCPN-UML Maoist member Anjana Bisunkhe wished for the immediate health recovery of the injured ones who are suppressed by the state. She demanded for the free medical treatment for the injured ones. In the first stage of protest, 26 Human Rights Activists were injured.

She urged the mass of Dalit civil societies to have the continuity of the movement until and unless the rights of Dalits and Dalit women are ensured.

Another Human Rights Activists Rita Shah also impulse the senior leaders to ensure the agendas of Dalit women who are the most deprived citizens of nation and are marginalized.

In the program, CA Member Kamala Bishwakarma said, even though the political parties have been agreed with the findings regarding Dalit agendas that have been sent by the first constituent assembly 2064 and subjective committee, the rights of Dalits have been cut off in the draft of constitution. Having said that, Ms. Biswakarma made a demand to ensure the rights of Dalits.

Maoist leader Anita Pariyar, Janamorcha Leader Manu Biswakarma, Former CA Padma lal Biswakarma and others said that the second stage of movement needs to be addressed by the government and political parties in order to ensure the rights of Dalit communities. The strict warning was given to the political parties and senior leaders for not again come up with the conspiracy to make Dalits as right fewer citizens. They also presaged for not to take this movement as a weakness.

In the third day of movement, the Dalit Human Rights Activists of 75 districts submitted the memorandum enlisting 9 points demand. In the National level, the memorandum submission to the Prime Minister, Sushil Koirala was done.  The united movement of Dalits was headed at the same time followed by the submission of memorandum.   

The united Dalit Movement also made a declaration to have a mass meeting and a strike of 2 hours in 8 August, 2015 which is proceeded by the respective districts and regions across the nation to deliver the common solidarity to ensure the rights of Dalits in the New Constitution. 














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FEDO is a national level Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) founded in 1994 to establish the rights of Dalit women by organizing and empowering them for their mainstreaming into national development. [+ read more]

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