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Feminist Dalit Organization

Kupondol, Lalitpur, Nepal.
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The training was done under the project 'Increasing Dalit Women's Political Participations for Sustainable Peace in Nepal'. This project is working in 3 Districts namely: Banke, Kailali and Kanchanpur.

The trainer hired for the training was from HURDEC (Human Resource Development Centre). The main objective of this project is to increase dalit women participation at politics, decision and policy making level. Under the plan of the project, Report Writing and Financial Management Training is also one of the activities of Central level which was undertaken in the Kathmandu Center.

The participants present in the Report writing Training were 22 approx where as in the Finance management was 34 approx from both central and district offices. The main objective of the training was to enhance   the capacity of staffs in the professional way of report writing as well as of Finance Management. The training was inaugurated by Durga Sob, the chairperson of the organization. She highlighted the importance purpose and importance of the training.

As the training involved both the program and finance staff, both were educated on the same method of recording the information. It is expected that it would make it easier for the program and finance staff to work together in future.

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FEDO is a national level Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) founded in 1994 to establish the rights of Dalit women by organizing and empowering them for their mainstreaming into national development. [+ read more]

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