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Sindupalchowk, 13 September, 2015, Feminist Dalit Organization (FEDO) team has reached to  Sindupalchowk to distribute 297 pieces of FM radio, which was provided by UN Women Nepal.

The first phase of radio distribution has completed in close collaboration with FEDO Sindhupalchowk district chapter on the date of 13 September 2015.

One women one radio in an earthquake survivor's households was our primary concerned along which single or widow women, women headed household, disable women, and elderly women were prioritized.

The main aim to distribute radio was the broadcasted NEWS will inform women on different awareness, services and facilities provided by the government bodies and other national and international organization and contribute to easy access, transparency and more on earthquake survivors women get conscious on their rights and survives. 
Moreover, Dalit women were from different VDCs of Sindupalchowk, i.e. Kubhinde, Irkhu, Batase, Pipledada, Kulchowk, Petku, Kadambas, Sanu Sirubari, Thulo sirubari, and Mailchor, the 4 hours walking distances from the FM radio distributing sites or from FEDO/Sindupalchowk office.

The FM radio was distributed in the close coordination with Feminist Dalit Organization (FEDO), Sindupalchowk. 
Different views of women were collected after she received FM radio. One women probably she has crossed her 50's, said this FM radio will be more my friend and the other said this help forget my pain inside me and accompany my loneliness. Also, a woman who loves singing and dancing said, now I can dance and sing, even dance in front of us.


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FEDO is a national level Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) founded in 1994 to establish the rights of Dalit women by organizing and empowering them for their mainstreaming into national development. [+ read more]

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