“I used to cover my face and not even dare to talk with the strangers. Stepping out of the house was also out of question as my husband and father-in-law were very strict. I did not like my situation at my home as I was only bound to do the house hold chores and take care of my children.”

“When FEDO formed Dalit women’s group in my community, my family restricted me to become a member of the group. They used to ridicule me. I fought against all the odds and became the member. I received various trainings and orientation on WASH rights. I learned about the importance of sanitation and hygiene practices, importance of safe drinking water.”

“Our living space is very congested we did not have toilets in my community. We used to defecate in open spaces early in the morning. It was very difficult days while I recall. Women could not go during the day time and had to wait for the day to darken if not in the dawn.”

“When in trainings was discussed about the benefits and importance of having a toilet, I immediately knew I would make a toilet. Once I did and started using it, women of my community soon realized its importance and benefits and they too are inspired to construct of their own. They are working hard and trying their best to save some money so as to build one.”

“I realize the importance of sanitation and hygiene, its benefits towards our well-being. I want to teach whatever I have learnt to others too and want my children to continue it and be able to lead a healthy life.”

“I am even a part of Village WASH committee, where I present the issues of my community, and lobby to acquire the benefits from the VDC. I am very happy and aim to make my community aware of the WASH rights and practice it.”