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Feminist Dalit Organization

Kupondol, Lalitpur, Nepal.
G.P.O. Box No.: 4366, Ktm.

Tel: +977-01-5520982, 5543986
Fax: +977-01-5520982


Funded by FEDO and the Australian Government’s Direct Aid Program through the Australian Embassy in Nepal, the Centre is a place where information on Dalit women and the Dalit community, human rights and women’s issues can be easily accessed.

Increasing access to knowledge on Dalit women’s and Dalit issues generally will aid in informing a range of stakeholders about the situation for Dalit women in Nepal and through increased research and awareness, serve to improve programs and initiatives aimed at eliminating the ongoing discrimination Dalit women face in every facet of their lives.

The training area of the Centre provides Dalit women’s groups and a range of non-governmental organizations involved in Dalit, women and human rights a space to conduct meetings, trainings and workshops focused on empowering and building the capacity of individuals.
This very day the Australian Ambassador, Her Excellency Susan Grace was invited as the Honoured Guest for the opening, to launch the program by cutting the ribbon to the Training and Resource Centre.

The Ambassador shared some thoughts with attendees on the role of FEDO in defending Dalit women's rights in Nepal, ongoing political challenges faced and the need for representation of Dalits in government. She also spoke of the role of the Australian Embassy in Nepal providing opportunities to Dalit women through the MEDEP micro-entrepreneurship program, the provision of Australian Youth Ambassadors for Development to organizations like FEDO and of an AusAid funded documentary to be released on International Women's Day this year, which features Dalit women.

The Ambassador hopes to find that Dalit women will benefit from the Training and Resource Centre, using it in their education and studies. She was impressed to see the management of the books which especially bestow Dalit information.
President of FEDO, Ms Durga Sob informed attendees that over two decades FEDO has been continuously working for Dalit women, in regards to their rights and support. Additionally she expressed her deep appreciation to the Australian Ambassador for supporting FEDO in developing the Training and Resource Centre, which will really provide great support to Dalit women and children in a range of areas.

More than 50 participants were present at the inauguration including representatives of non-Dalit organizations. The program was facilitated by the Executive Director of FEDO, Mr. Bhim Bahadur B.K


Welcome to FEDO

FEDO is a national level Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) founded in 1994 to establish the rights of Dalit women by organizing and empowering them for their mainstreaming into national development. [+ read more]

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