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Feminist Dalit Organization (FEDO) organized two days training for Dalit women leaders on 'Political Structure' under its project on 'Increasing Dalit Women's Political Participation for Sustainable Peace in Nepal' from 23rd-24th February. The trainings had been targeted for 25 Dalit women leaders from targeted districts: Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, Kavre, Kailali, Kanchanpur and Banke. The main propose of this training is to enhance the capacity of Dalit women leaders for increasing their participation in all state mechanism from local to national level. 

Chair Person of FEDO, Ms. Durga Sob delivered her views in the training. She said that Dalit women should play a vital role to establish them in politics. They should play a proactive role to create strong pressure to the political leaders for insuring their rights and entitlement. Without gaining much knowledge on constitution, manifesto of the political parties, its rules, regulations and programs, Dalit women should not go forward in politics. This kind of knowledge can make position for Dalit women to create strong pressure in their own political parties. 

Ms. Kala Swarnakar, General Secretary of FEDO highlighted the objectives of the training. She said that the objective of the training is to organize and empower Dalit women, who are actively involved in different political parties, and to bring them in mainstream of the political parties and make them active. 

The Resource Person of the training was Political Analyst and Former Advise of the Prime Minister Mr. Shreekrishna Aniruddh Gautam. He delivered the training on political structure: local, district and national level political parties structure, types of state governance: federal, malty central, self unit, unitary, decentralization, character of the federalism, self governance and common governance, system of state functioning, types of state restructuring, representation system, internal opportunities of Nepal, internal challenges, constitution and democracy.

The participants were very happy to attending the training. They said that they have not got such type of training on political structure before. They were talking about the politics before only by their own experiences. Now the training made capable to talk with their senior leaders without any hesitation. They can demand their political rights and positions.

The training enhanced capacity of Dalit women on political structure, which support to increased their participation in different political parties and decision-making structures at national and local levels.  




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FEDO is a national level Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) founded in 1994 to establish the rights of Dalit women by organizing and empowering them for their mainstreaming into national development. [+ read more]

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