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Feminist Dalit Organization

Kupondol, Lalitpur, Nepal.
G.P.O. Box No.: 4366, Ktm.

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Many of FEDO's challenges are also Dalit women's challenges. Nepal is still largely governed by a male dominated, rigid social structures, norms, and values that make Dalit women, and the associations that represent them, more vulnerable. In general, there is a low awareness level about Dalit women and their plight and Dalit women issues have not been addressed in the women's movement.

The Dalit issue has not yet been mainstreamed in the government and the majority of representatives are in Nepal 's legislative body, political parties, and other state mechanisms are non-Dalit males. Moreover, NGOs and the government have not yet been adequately educated to engage with Dalit women and implement inclusiveness policies.

With regard to implementing projects, a challenge in doing so is that most Dalit women are illiterate and have low education levels.

This past year, many of the challenges that FEDO faced were directly related to the CA elections. Due to the failure of political parties to forge an agreement on which electoral systems should be adopted and the actual deferral of the elections, FEDO had to review its schedule of activities.

Roads, shops, and markets were often closed and Madhesi -related (a cultural group originally from the Terai region) violence acted as barriers. Bandas (general strikes) occurred on a regular basis, particularly in the districts. In particular, a 15-day Madhesh Banda affected program implementation in the Kapilvastu and Bara districts. Moreover, violence erupted in the Kapinvastu project area following the murder of a member of the Muslim community.

The current transitional phase is a challenge due to the ongoing political instability and further possibilities of Banda and violence.

Despite these numerous challenges at many levels, FEDO continues its movement against caste and gender discrimination in order to achieve its vision a “just and equitable society”. In fact, these challenges just motivate us to work harder to resolve these issues.

Welcome to FEDO

FEDO is a national level Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) founded in 1994 to establish the rights of Dalit women by organizing and empowering them for their mainstreaming into national development. [+ read more]

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