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Feminist Dalit Organization

Kupondol, Lalitpur, Nepal.
G.P.O. Box No.: 4366, Ktm.

Tel: +977-01-5520982, 5543986
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Kalpana B.K. was born in 2046 in Kailali, she is reading in Bachelor's degree in Kailali. She has 1 son, 1 Daughter among her 8 members of family. Her husband is a business man.

She got married at the age of only 18 years after passed out SLC exam in 2064 BS. Even she had joined college after the marriage but prevailing traditional mindset and social taboos, she did not get any opportunity to contribute the community and bound within the house hold chores. Lacking of information about rights and leadership, she did not have any ideas to move ahead. Once she had been orally nominated as member at her nearby community forestry committee but she did not experienced meeting, decisions and services at there. Due to lacking of knowledge and rights she couldn’t argue for that attitude.

During 2012, Feminist Dalit Organization (FEDO), Kailali formed Dalit women group under the implementing project 'Increasing Dalit Women's Political participation for sustainable peace in Nepal' in Malakheti VDC Teghari, and she had have chance to got the position of Secretary. She did have opportunities to attend to various interactions, seminars, training and meeting organized by FEDO, enhance herself motivation then after she was realized the importance leadership. During this period she gained confidence that able to stand as a responsible member of several sectors like (Secretary in the same Community Forestry Users Committee, Member in School Management committee, Member of Account committee in cooperative and Teacher in primary boarding school). Apart from this, she did have contributed to marginalize Dalit of her community through coordination i.e.; provide mushroom farming from her community forestry committee; provide support to pig farming-beekeeping-tailoring training from MADE Nepal and VDC joint program. She have contributed her community in education also, i.e. conduction of informal education, adult informal education, Montessori classes, etc.

According to her verdict, she was unable to stand towards community and even was not able to put her thought in several program but now she is confident that she has been capacitated to raise her voice for her community and gained so many skills and also changed her way of thinking and according to her all credit goes to FEDO. She is advocating to female to live dignified life. Also she has committed to aware her community women by providing knowledge and skill of education and leadership.  

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FEDO is a national level Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) founded in 1994 to establish the rights of Dalit women by organizing and empowering them for their mainstreaming into national development. [+ read more]

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